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Gayo Mountain

Gayo Mountain Coffee

1.00 LBS
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    100% Organically grown, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance.

    The Sumatra Gayo coffee is described as sweet and clean.  located in Indonesia- low acid

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    1. One of the Best

      Aroma Ridge offers so many coffee's the one fun thing to do is to try them all. Our tastes pretty much are the same and tend to stay on the rich and smooth side of the coffee bean. With that said, if the coffee bean has too much acid or too bitter we tend to stay away from it. Even coffee's from within the same country can have different tastes. This coffee, Gayo Mountain is superb, in our opinion. It is very similar to some of the Hawaiian coffee's, not too acidic but strong enough for most people to enjoy.

      First I must tell you how we brew our coffee. We use a Super Automatic Coffee Maker from Saeco. With a Super Automatic, it grinds (ten different settings) brews (three different strengths) using coffee at ten different amounts. In other words, you have unlimited levels of brew strength for every cup of coffee. My wife likes her's stronger so she makes a smaller cup of coffee using the same amount of coffee that I use for my medium cup. In other words, for her large cup of coffee, she makes three small cups of coffee and for my large cup, I brew two. I hope that makes sense.

      Using a Super Automatic you have the ability to make fresh coffee each cup and never waste a bean.

      But I'm not here to sell a coffee maker, I'm here to sell a bean. We have tried nearly all the beans that Aroma Ridge sells, including the exquisite Kopi Luwak. But they keep adding new coffee's and we can't keep up, but Gayo is one our favorites. Smooth and just the right amount of acid, a full, rich flavor. If you're using a Super Auto, you'll want to make it full strength or no less than medium with a fine grind to get the best results.
      on 21st Apr 2015

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