The Stages of Drinking Coffee…as Told by Stephen Colbert

Posted by Nawal on 2nd Sep 2016

When every one of your support systems fail you on a Monday morning, there’s always that one friend to fall back on: alcohol. Wait…no, that’s not right…COFFEE. We meant coffee. Drinking before 5 pm is not advisable (but we don’t judge).

But as we were saying before, coffee is that good friend of yours that never fails you. There’s a certain joy that comes from having coffee for the first time in the day, and we’d argue that it’s an experience that’s difficult to put into words. That’s why we’ve invited The Late Show host and coffee-addict, Stephen Colbert, to describe to us in facial expressions exactly what that first cup of coffee tastes like…

…but we never heard back from him. So instead, here’s what drinking that fist cup of coffee feels like using Stephen Colbert GIFs!

-When you wake up in the morning.

-Turning on the coffee maker, and knowing you’re about to have coffee.

-When the coffee won’t fill up the pot fast enough.

-When the coffee’s finally ready.

-Pouring the coffee into your cup and fixing it the way you like it.

-Taking that first sip of coffee.

-Drinking the rest of the cup.

-When you go back for your second cup.

-When you realize you’re all out of coffee and it’s time to go to work.