Beat the Heat Cold brew Coffee

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AromaRidge created a special blend that is perfect in any iced Coffees, We've blended this Beat the Heat Coffee including the bold Sumatra, with a low acid Arabica Coffee creating a coffee that will with stand ice and milk.

 The idea behind cold brew is that you not only serve it cold- you brew it cold. Simply grind your AromaRidge cold-brew coffee, place in a jug fill with cold water-Leave to extract overnight. I prefer using a French press- easy and less messy.   Once your coffee has steeped, you can first filter your coffee through your kitchen sieve (or French press screen if you're using a press) and into another vessel. Dump any grounds that remain in the original brewer and filter the coffee back into the first vessel, this time through a more fine-screened cloth such as cheesecloth. Dump those grounds, too.

Go ahead and add  your milk and sugar  or just pour over ice.  Feeling adventurous?  Pick up a can of Condensed milk  and( now they have fat free for all my calorie conscious coffee drinkers ) sweetened to taste pour over ice    and Enjoy!

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