Blueberry White Chocolate Flavored Coffee

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Dessert just got sweeter! This zero-calorie coffee has a great taste of wild blueberries drizzled with white chocolate! Great for making any morning or evening sweeter. You will enjoy treating yourself to this blend! 

  • 16oz bag 
  • medium roast coffee
  • 100% arabica beans


  • 5
    Blueberry White Chocolate

    Posted by Cathy Plouff on 20190312

    I always enjoy the hint of blueberry in my coffee. The white chocolate is a nice added flavor!

  • 5
    One of the best decaf's around!

    Posted by Rachel on 20151212

    I've been searching and searching for years for a good tasting decaf. I can't drink much caffeine but I love coffee and love flavored coffees. Most all I've tried either have a chemical sort of aftertaste I cannot stand and end up throwing out the bag, or taste like decent coffee but have no flavor. I've tried 4 Aroma Ridge decafs and so far I love them all. The flavors are there, the funky chemical aftertaste is not! Very pleased and just ordered more.