Brazil Bourbon Peaberry Coffee

EC-Brazil Bourbon
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Brazil Bourbon Peaberry comes form the Daterra Estates- the best coffees from their farms.  Coffee from The Daterra farms are fully traceable, single origin, and  Rainforest Alliance. These are coffees that score 86-89.

 This is a great coffee anytime of day, especially with desserts. In the name, Bourbon (bur-bone) identifies the specific coffee plant variety these coffee beans come from. Dried by the sun, Brazil Bourbon is a prized and classic Arabica coffee

Cupping Notes

  •    pleasantly mild, full bodied and has wonderfully balanced flavor.
  •    low acidity 
  •   chocolaty, berry , sweetness, nutty 


These are coffees that score 86-89, are fully traceable, 


  • 5
    Brazil Bourbon Peaberry Coffee Beans

    Posted by Mary Lou McCormick on 20211028

    The beans arrived in a. reasonable time considering the country's circumstances. The beans were freshly roasted and made wonderful, tasty, excellent coffee. I will be purchasing more freshly roasted beans in the future.

  • 5
    One of the best!

    Posted by Evangelos Mihelis on 20200105

    EASILY one of the best and smoothest cups of coffee I have ever had. This is my favorite coffee at the $20 range from Aroma Ride as of 2019. Maybe 2020 changes my mind, but for 2019, this is my coffee of the year based on price and quality. OH and there is no bourbon flavoring in it or bourbon in the process, this is just real good coffee!

  • 4
    Another favorite at the office

    Posted by Unknown on 20150429

    Very rich flavor and not too pricey. Another consistent go-to coffee.