Costa Rica Geisha Coffee

EC-Costa Geisha
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What is a Geisha Coffee? Geisha coffee is an ancient and very rare coffee variety. It is one of the Ethiopia wild coffee varieties. It was found close to the Ethiopian town of Geisha in southwestern Ethiopia. It is a tall stature plant with thin and slender leaves, with wide spacing among branches in the main stem. The young leaves can be green or reddish. The beans are elongated. 

We are excited to have this unique coffee in stock again. Coffea Diversa is not a coffee farm, it is a Coffee Garden, growing many different kinds of rare coffees. Coffea Diversa has the largest private coffee collection in the world with over 200 coffee species, botanical varieties and cultivars.

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  • Intense and elegant acidity with distinct floral and citrus notes.
  • Overall, the Geisha has a vibrant and crisp citrus acidity with notes of jasmine.
  • It is delicate and gentle, with a harmonious, pure finish.


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    Geisha Coffee

    Posted by Michelle Hoover on 20200625

    Very nice coffee