El Salvador Coffee - Petite Honey

EC-El Salv Red Honey
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Deep into the coffee mountains of El Salvador in the El Guarmo region we found this amazing coffee.

It is a very laborious process where the beans are just husked and then dried with the natural sugars and mucilage on. The level of mucilage is a determining factor in the sweetness and depth of body of the cup. Traditionally, the more mucilage or ‘honey’ left on it, the greater the sweetness and depth. The beans constantly have to be turned to avoid mold and fermentation, but the results are fantastic sweet beautiful coffee like the Petite Red Honey.  





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    Red honey el salvador

    Posted by Nancy on 20200427

    Very nice coffee. El asalvador roasts have never disappointed. This particular bean reminds me of caramel.

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    EL Salvador Red Honey Coffee

    Posted by Ann Hunter on 20200402

    Love this coffee, the process of drying these beans with the fruit on creates a smooth and delicious coffee with hints of caramel, brown sugar and chocolate. The beans are a lighter roast, which I prefer.

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    Excellent coffee from El Salvador.

    Posted by John on 20160921

    I have had honey processed coffee from El Salvador before but this is some of the best I have ever had. I like how aroma ridge coffee roaster tells you how it is a red honey processed coffee. It is very sweet and a wonderful coffee for the morning, afternoon, or evening. I had never ordered from Aroma Ridge before but they shipped to me fast in the North and the coffee arrived fresh.