Sulawesi Toraja White Eagle Coffee

EC-White Eagle
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If you thought our Sumatra was good, wait till you try the White Eagle Celebes Toraja. 

In the early 18th century, the Dutch explorers brought Arabica coffee from Ethiopia to Tana Toraja. Toraja has been able to utilize the near perfect conditions of temperature, rainfall, soil, and drainage to produce a superb coffee. Indonesian Arabica coffee is known for its full body, spicy and earthy flavors and a distinctive, unique aroma. The WHITE EAGLE" which is the symbol of the Toraja people, is kept completely separate from all other coffees, as the Crown Jewel of all Toraja Arabicas. Only 300 to 600 bags can be produced each crop year of this truly superb and outstanding coffee.

Smooth flavor with a balanced acidity and a sweet aftertaste.


  • 5
    Great Coffee

    Posted by Jim Brown on 20210501

    Tastes great, smells amazing

  • 4
    Unique taste

    Posted by Frank on 20200409

    Has a distinct smell and distinct taste I can't describe. After the first couple sips it does turn to a good tasting coffee.

  • 5

    Posted by Evangelos Mihelis on 20200105

    The beans are multicolored, not sure if that was my bag or the way it is supposed to be or a single origin blend. Anyway, who cares, the coffee is awesome. Smoothness of a 10 from 1-10 and very aromatic and flavorful. Falls at a medium roast maybe a TOUCH "stronger". Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Great aroma

    Posted by Don on 20170810

    We just tried this new Sumatran and loved it. The smell and taste were wonderful. This has a bit more "umph" than some of the Latin coffees.