Berry Blast Cold brew Coffee

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We created a special blend that is perfect in any iced coffee! We've blended this Berry Blast Flavored Coffee with the bold Sumatra taste, as well as a low acid Arabica Coffee. Then, we flavored it with blueberry, vanilla and of course, a toasted coconut, creating a coffee that will stand well with ice and milk.

The idea behind cold brew is that you not only serve it cold, but you brew it cold. Simply grind your Aroma Ridge cold-brew coffee, place it in a jug filled with cold water and leave it to extract overnight. We prefer using a French press because it is easy and less messy. Once your coffee has steeped, you can first filter your coffee through your kitchen sieve (or French press screen if you're using a press) and into another vessel. Dump any grounds that remain in the original brewer and filter the coffee back into the first vessel, this time through a more fine-screened cloth such as cheesecloth. Dump those grounds, too.

Lastly, go ahead and add your milk and sugar or just pour over ice. Feeling adventurous? Pick up a can of condensed milk (now they have fat free for all my calorie conscious coffee drinkers) and sweeten your coffee to taste. Enjoy this wonderful cold brew!

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