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Take a trip around the world!... No flight needed

Venture out to the Coffee world one cup at a time. 

Box Contains 2.5 Ounces of Coffees- Available Whole bean or Ground.  Each pot will give you 8-10 cups of exquisite coffee. You can thank us later!

  • Kopi Luwak -

    You may have seen Kopi Luwak on the 2007 movie, The Bucket List, where Jack Nicholson carries his beverage of choice wherever he goes. It is known as the most expensive coffee in the world and one that is well worth it. The Luwak denizen eats only the ripest coffee cherries. Unable to digest the coffee beans, the Luwak graciously deposits them on the jungle floor where they are eagerly collected by the locals. The stomach acids and enzymatic action involved in this unique fermentation process produces the beans for the world's rarest coffee beverage

  • Hawaiian Kona-Greenwell Farms legacy began in 1850 with Henry Nicholas Greenwell. As one of the largest and oldest coffee producers in Kona, Greenwell Farms is proud to celebrate its history and spread the spirit of aloha with every cup. This fine coffee considered to be “la crème de la crème."
  • Guatemala Geisha Honey WashedGrown at 4,000 ft. altitude, handpicked, pulped and slowly dried in a special drying facility which it was specifically built for the Laurina coffee to preserve its uniqueness. They call it a unique coffee because it has a different taste than most arabica coffees but again, it is difficult to grow; it is a special coffee and requires proper care
  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee-    Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is the most sought after coffees in the world. This superior coffee has been satisfying the expectations of the most demanding connoisseurs for generations.
  • Uganda- rainforest alliance -Uganda Coffee grown on the slopes of Mt. Elgon, one of Uganda's largest mountains. Baba  roasted and well... very impressed.  Medium roasted creating a full body, Medium Acidity .
  • Bali Blue Moon -One of our favorites. Bali Blue Moon Coffee from the Kintamani Highlands in Indonesia. Fun fact: Bali farmers are not permitted to use pesticides on their coffee crops,