Kopi Luwak Coffee 16oz

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You may have seen Kopi Luwak on the 2007 movie, The Bucket List, where it is actor Jack Nicholson's beverage of choice and he carries a supply with him wherever he goes. It is known as the most expensive coffee in the world and one that is well worth it.

The coffee is coming from many farmers that belong to the co-op.  Each farmer owns a small piece of land, less than 1 ha to support their family.  The Luwak / Asian Civet was born and raised in this farm and they have been foraging for food within the farm.  Thus, they are always coming back to find food within this region.  The area is also a perfect environment for them, as the farmers also grow bananas and some tropical fruits within the farms, to be used as shade for the coffee trees. The farmers collect all the civet’s feces within the coop and process it, sharing the profit within the coop.

By letting the civet select the cherry naturally, the people in the Gayo area believe that the civet will try to find the ripest cherry, which results in the best coffee.  In addition, the civet should be allowed to digest the food naturally, so the coffee will be processed naturally by the enzyme inside its stomach. The stress-free environment is believed, also, to let the civet produce the best flavor.

It also has a sweet, slight earthiness and pleasant nuttiness, and a lingering, smooth after-finish. 

Due to the rarity of the Kopi Luak Coffee, no returns or refunds can be accepted.

Cup Profile:

  • incredible flavor- sweet , slight earthiness 
  • smooth, chocolaty with a pleasant nuttiness and a lingering, smooth after-finish
  • low acid
  • 16oz/ medium Roast





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