Baba's Roast Coffee

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Sometimes genius arrives not by choice, but by chance.
As you may know, we are family owned and Dad (or "Baba" as he is most commonly known) has invented a blend like no other.
By taking three high end estates from around the world, blending the greatness of each, then roasting to medium-dark, Dad created an outstanding coffee.

  • Baba's blend is Low Acid
  • Medium Roast 

Decaf Available [click here]


  • 5

    Posted by Sam on 20220422

    Best tasting coffee you can buy!!

  • 4
    Balanced blend

    Posted by Mark Petro on 20220418

    Very good blend, Baba does well always.

  • 4
    My Intro to AromaRidge

    Posted by Hosny on 20200603

    This was my first experience with AromaRidge. Not as full body as I like my coffee but a good and balanced blend indeed.

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Lee on 20191021

    I've ordered Baba's Roast and Mama's Roast many times, and always been a fan. The balance is just right, and somehow, always tastes like Georgia. Makes me feel as if I'm on a Southern porch watching the sunrise, which is a good escape for this busy city boy Northerner. And last batch of Baba's was so good, one of his best ones maybe.

  • 5
    Really good!

    Posted by Donald Durham on 20180226

    This is a really good blend that has been a hit with our office. Baba knows how to make a great coffee!

  • 5
    Very good daily drinker

    Posted by Casey on 20160830

    There's nothing better than freshly roasted coffee and Baba's Roast is no exception. Very smooth and aromatic. The aroma is almost enough to get my wife out of bed