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Cameroon Boyo is organically grown in dark, nutrient rich volcanic soil at elevations exceeding 5,000 feet. This family owned estate boasts daily doses of brilliant sunshine allowing the coffee berries to quickly attain their optimal sugar content. This is the secret to the mellow, aromatic, and rich full bodied Boyo Coffee. 

“Mama” the owner of this estate, gifted us with her presence here at the warehouse. She was an amazing person to speak with. She told us how everything is processed by hand on her estate, to ensure each bean is picked at the right ripening. Mama described the farmers carrying bags of heavy weight coffee on their heads to transport from one side of the estate to the other. We sat in awe as she spoke about her family’s estate and what it meant to her.

The full trace-ability of the farmer-owned Cameroon Boyo™ Coffee micro lots is another way in which we hold ourselves accountable for our coffee, a testament of our confidence that we have delivered the quality coffee that will keep our customers returning, over and over!

 Small Farmer Grown™ Small Farmer Owned™

Coffee Notes: 

  •  medium roasted
  • to enhance their dark chocolate  fruit notes 
  • full bodied
  • 16oz, roasted and packed in our Zip Tab bags  


  • 5
    Simply Wonderful!

    Posted by chirs blanton on 20210401

    This is a very smooth delectable coffee that has become one of my favorites! Keep up the amazing work AR!

  • 3
    Too dark

    Posted by Joshua Rauch on 20200510

    Love this coffee. Just wish it was a little lighter roast.

  • 4
    Great taste, great price!

    Posted by Evangelos Mihelis on 20200105

    This coffee outperforms it's price point. I do feel it is a medium roast and might lean a TOUCH towards a darker taste, but that slightly bolder taste profile is rich and extremely flavorful. NOTHING like "burnt bean" Starbucks. I tend to prefer light and medium roasts OVER dark, but this coffee keeps it in balance. This coffee is a winner.

  • 4
    Medium Roast???

    Posted by Randall Bosley on 20160823

    A very good coffee with a unique flavor profile, but I don't think it should be listed under the "medium roasts". It has a very dark color and that "burnt bean" taste that so many Starbucks customers seem to like. I wish it really did have a medium roast flavor. This particular coffee would be great with a light roast but Aroma Ridge doesn't seem to offer a light roast at all. Too bad!