Indian Monsoon Malabar - AA Coffee

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Indian Monsoon Malabar AA has low acidity and is an exceptionally smooth and full bodied with pleasant chocolate undertones.

Interestingly, the discovery of Monsoon Coffee was made by accident. During the long voyage from India to Europe, sailing ships carrying coffee were exposed to monsoon winds. The beans on these ships underwent a change of color and characteristics, which allowed the coffee to acquire a whole new taste. This new and unique brand of coffee was appropriately named Monsoon Malabar AA.


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    As good as home!

    Posted by Don Durham on 20180226

    We are a very diverse company with a workforce from 5 continents. Our Indian co-workers were excited when I bought this coffee and said it tastes just like home. One has a family in the coffee business there and said this compares very favorably to their own.