Wicked Jack's Tavern Mini Tower

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You asked for it!  Wicked Jack's True Jamaican Rum Cake sampler in the mini sizes. The perfect gift for sampling all our flavors.  Add a scoop of your favorite ice cream for a more wicked dessert.
5- 4oz assorted flavors. Great Holiday Gifts! 

  • Butter Rum Cake
  • Chocolate Rum Cake
  • Red Velvet Rum 
  • Rum Raisin
  • Chocolate Chip Rum Cake




  • 5
    Wicked Jack's Tavern Mini Tower (Jamaican Rum Bundt Cake with 5 Different Flavors!) - UMMM! SO GOOD!

    Posted by Charles Lawson on 20220203

    (2-3-2022) Wicked Jack's Tavern Mini Tower makes the (BEST JAMAICAN RUM CAKE! EVER!). The "Butter Rum Cake" & "Chocolate Rum Cake" ARE BOTH MY FAVORITE so far! I have a Jamaican friend that (Promised to make me a Rum Cake for my Birthday), but as you know (Friends don't always keep their promises). But, definitely delivered (their Promise) of TRUE JAMAICAN RUM CAKE! The Butter Rum Bundt Cake is INCREDIBLY MOIST! AND IS BURSTING WITH BUTTERY RUM FLAVOR! UMMM! The Chocolate Rum Bundt Cake POPS WITH CHOCOLATE IN YOUR MOUTH AND THEN TREATS YOUR TASTE BUDS WITH JAMAICAN RUM FLAVOR! SO GOOOD! So, what are you waiting for? Order your Wicked Jacks' Tavern Mini Tower and will ship it to your house. Or, if you live in Kennesaw, GA you can Pick Up your Tasty Jamaican Bundt Cake. The great thing about the Wicked Jack's Tavern Mini Tower is that you can sample (5 DIFFERENT FLAVORS)! Then, you can decide WHICH JAMAICAN RUM CAKE YOU LIKE BEST! After that, you can order YOUR FAVORITE FLAVOR JAMAICAN RUM CAKE IN THE (LARGE SIZE!) How perfect is that? And, customer service at AromaRidge is SOOO FRIENDLY, CURTEOUS, AND PROFESSIONAL! For example, I spoke with a very nice lady by the name of Nawel (pronounced Noel) and she was beaming with positive energy and a helpful spirit! Nawel really treated me and my order like she wanted to add me to the AromaRidge family! Not, just add my name to their customer database list. I really felt like I was Nawel's ONLY CUSTOMER! AND, THE REST OF THE AROMARIDGE STAFF MADE ME FEEL SPECIAL TOO! I highly recommend for authentic Jamaican Rum Bundt Cakes! YOUR TASTE BUDS WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! AND, THEY MAKE their OWN SPECIAL RECEIPE SELECTION OF GOURMET COFFEE ONSITE! So, now you can have YOUR CUSTOM BREWED GOURMET COFFEE AND EAT YOUR CAKE TOO!

  • 5
    Rum Cakes Mini Tower

    Posted by DesignerGuy on 20210928

    WJ classic rum cake is amazing and these mini ones are great too! I like the flavors - especially the Red Velvet. Looking forward to ordering another full size one!

  • 5
    Mini rum cakes

    Posted by Ann Haffely on 20200606

    These are the best! Great for when people come over, or for gifts.

  • 5
    Mini rum cakes

    Posted by Ann Haffely on 20200602

    Love these, keep in the house for hostess gifts and birthday gifts.

  • 5
    Rum Cakes

    Posted by Barbara Spradling on 20200222

    We were introduced to the rum cakes mini tower as a gift and loved them so much that we are buying them directly from Aroma Ridge. We enjoy a small piece for dessert after dinner. Highly recommend all favors with butter rum and red velvet being our favorites.

  • 5
    Wicked jacks rum cakes

    Posted by Ann Haffely on 20191220

    I have purchased these from you other years, both the minis and reg size. Great flavor. Great as gifts or entertaining. These always make people smile.