Mama's Roast Coffee

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Competition at Aroma Ridge!  Baba has his roast, and now Mama has perfected hers.

This top secret blend is a bold, sweet combination of 3 estate coffees. Just cupped it and... well, Mama ain't wrong. 

SWISS WATER® Process decaffeinated coffee generates real brand value because it’s guaranteed environmentally friendly, 99.9% caffeine-free, and will taste as good as the green beans used.



  • 5
    Everyday favorite

    Posted by Mark Petro on 20220418

    My original everyday favorite. Balanced and full of flavors. Hats off to Mama!

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    Mama's Roast

    Posted by Al Morris on 20190121

    My first taste of Aroma Ridge coffee was a sample at a holiday market. I met Baba and Mama, tasted their coffee and rum cake and I was hooked. I've been ordering from them since. They still use one pound bags instead of the tiny little 12 oz things everyone else has moved to and the do a beautiful job of roasting. What a great way to begin each day.

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    Wonderful flavor

    Posted by Don Durham on 20180226

    We like it for breakfast. When we drink Mama's Blend we feel like she should be here offering a plate of bacon and eggs to go with it.