The SWP Decaf Coffee Collection

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The Decaf Coffee Collection is known for its bundle of our popular decaf coffees! The Decaf Coffee Collection offers 4 pounds of coffee in one order!  

Brazil Cerrado Swiss Water Process Coffee Decaf 

This Brazilian Coffee is from the Minas Gerais region, not only providing an amazing taste but acts as a reserve sanctuary area for birds and other animals. This coffee is known worldwide for its sweetness. It includes chocolate notes, balanced acidity, a pleasant clean taste, and is True Direct Trade. 

Colombian Supremo Swiss Water Process Coffee Decaf 

Colombian Supremo is the perfect balance between medium-sweet acidity and smooth-light body thanks to being organically and shade grown. Presenting a strong aroma, it is the perfect cup of coffee to enjoy at any time of the day. 

Sumatra Swiss Water Process Coffee Decaf: 

Sumatra Mandheling is among the world's finest coffees from Indonesia. It displays a rich flavor, extraordinary full body, and distinctively vibrant and low-key acidity. Our Sumatra medium roast has almost a syrupy richness. Wonderfully sturdy, direct, with fine acidity, this coffee is characterized by a buttery chocolate aftertaste

Mama's Swiss Water Process Decaf

This top secret blend is a bold, sweet combination of 3 estate coffees.  Just cupped it  and... well,  Mama ain't wrong