Wicked Jack's Tavern

Once you experience Ol Gran's Wicked Jack's Rum Cakes, you will never go back! With a variety of flavors to choose from, enjoy the rum soaked glaze that make all other rum cakes walk the plank. 

Ol' Gran did not stop there. We have taken her roasting secrets and developed a perfect cup of coffee, and spiced up the treasure chest with Wicked Jack's seasonings and pepper jelly that are necessities in the kitchen! 

 From Mother's day to birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and Christmas gifts , Wicked Jack's Jamaican Rum Cakes are the perfect desert option for your next special occasion. Rich vanilla flavor baked with buttery goodness, soaked in True Jamaican rum, for a memorable holiday treat unlike any other.

  • HAND GLAZED: We hand-make and glaze all of our rum cakes. They transfer beautifully from box to serving platter in seconds for a ready to enjoy, rich bundt cake, to use for a coffee cake, birthday cake, hostess gift, or corporate gift
  • BAKED IN THE USA: Jamaican Rum Cakes are soaked in the finest Jamaican Rum and then vacuum-packed to ensure that Wicked flavor keeps well. Each cake arrives secured in a plastic molded Bundt pan, vacuumed sealed for premium flavor.
  • Our cakes are shelf stable; refrigerate after opening if anything is left. 10 servings per cake