Wicked Jack's Coffee - Ol' Gran Butter Rum (12oz.)

WJT Coffee Ol' Gran
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Ol' Gran is at it again. This time we have taken her roasting secrets (or Wicked Jack's?) and developed a perfect cup of coffee. We roast only the finest coffees found on their adventures to the right temperature, promising never to be too bitter or too acidic to create a Wicked Cup of coffee.

A unique blend of Jamaican Rum flavor, butter, and real vanilla make this a rich, buttery coffee a delight to the senses.

  • Medium Roast.

  • Flavored Coffee with Natural & Artificial flavors.
  • Smooth.
  • Balanced acidity.
  • 12oz.


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    Posted by David J Wynn on 20201210

    as usual, the Wicked Jack's Tavern ''flavored'' coffees, have real taste, non chemical taste. We always mix them about 50% with non flavored beans for us; also sometimes with a bit of whipping creme too;

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    Wicked Jack's Tavern Ol Gran's Butter Rum

    Posted by Bonnie Devine on 20200831

    OMG, was never a fan of flavored coffee's because most tasted too "fake" to me. But Aroma Ridges flavored coffees are anything but fake. The flavors of Rum, butter and vanilla are so well balanced and subtle, I could enjoy drinking this coffee everyday. If you want to try a flavored coffee, this is a 5, as well as Banana Nut Rum and Georgia Morning. All superb! And the service is great. :)