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Jamaica Blue Mountain®
Peaberry Coffee

Wallenford Coffee


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Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee is the most sought after coffees in the world. This superior coffee has been satisfying the expectations of the most demanding connoisseurs for generations. With great care, this coffee is harvested on small farms where stringent quality control standards ensure consistency.

Peaberries are single, rounded beans that grow inside the coffee fruit in place of the usual two beans nestled together. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee Peaberry is 100% certified from the Wallenford Estate.

 100% pure Jamaica Blue Mountain certified by JACRA, the successor of Coffee Industry Board.

The functions of JACRA is to embrace the setting of Quality Standards, provision of Quality Assurance and Certification Services and generally focus on governing the trading in the Coffee industry in Jamaica.

Aroma Ridge puts that same passion in the roasting, packing and shipping and will roast once you place your order.

  • Medium Roast
  • Good acidity
  • Smooth milk chocolate finish
  • Intense aroma
  • 16 ounces | old school 1 pound

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