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Fundraising Program



How it Works:

  1. You choose from our product offerings: coffees, biscottis, teas, Wicked Jack's Tavern rum cakes, and gift boxes.
  2. We will work together to design a label with your organization's logo and/or message.
  3. We will create your order form and help you create a sales goal ($65.00 charge for design work).
  4. Together we will create an order form customizing your products of choice.
  5. You will pre-sell and email us the order, then we charge your card.

It's that easy!

For more information, email us: fundraising@aromaridge.com.

Some of organizations that we partner with:

Featured Partners:

Integrity Children's Fund

In the spirit of giving back, Aroma Ridge has partnered with Integrity Children's Fund. The Integrity Children's Fund is a non-profit organization formed in 2002 that was created in response to the high illiteracy rate among Jamaican teenagers. The Integrity Children's Fund's mission is to provide increased access to quality education in all 14 parishes of Jamaica and eliminate teenage illiteracy. 


Hanna's Home

Hanna’s Home is a unique orphanage, started through the compassion of one radiant and joyful woman, who opened her home to street children and cared for them from childhood to university graduation. Since 1997, in support of Hanna’s mission other women opened their homes to orphans, called “house-moms.”

Hanna’s Blend is an Ethiopian roast brought to you through the help of Vident Financial, a financial services innovator who is committed to principles-based investing around the world. 

Hanna's Blend Coffee comes beautifully designed in a silver gift box with a purple ribbon and purple Bag.  16 ounces. K-Cups are also available.