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The Safari Peaberry Coffee Collection

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The Safari Peaberry Coffee Collection is known for its bundle of our popular African peaberry coffees! The Safari Coffee Collection offers 4 pounds of coffee in one order!

  • 16 ounces (1 lb) each bag

Cameroon Boyo Peaberry Coffee:
Cameroon Boyo is organically grown in dark, nutrient rich volcanic soil at elevations exceeding 5,000 feet. This family owned estate boasts daily doses of brilliant sunshine allowing the coffee berries to quickly attain their optimal sugar content. This is the secret to the mellow, aromatic and rich full bodied Boyo Coffee.

Kenya Peaberry - Microlot Coffee:
Kenya is the most famous of the fine washed East African coffees. It is a mellow coffee with a balanced acidity and sublime overtones of berries and citrus fruits.

Tanzania Peaberry - Kilimanjaro Coffee: 
The famous Mt. Kilimanjaro brings this perfect peaberry coffee to life. It has a smooth buttery body, delicate sweet acidity flavor, and notes of lemongrass, plum, and light nougat overall sweet.

Malawi Peaberry Coffee
We always like to brag on our coffee suppliers - the income from this coffee helps to run two clinics for the workers. This coffee is Rainforest Alliance with notes of berries and milk chocolate with a flora and spice finish.

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