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Costa Rica Black Honey Coffee Hacienda La Minita Melico los Pinos


2 reviews

This Costa Rican Black honey coffee is a microlot from the Hacienda La Minita Melico los Pinos.

Honey processing occurs when you remove the cherry peel but leave some flesh inside. The “mucilage” remains while the beans are dried and also have a heavier body and sweetness. The Black honey process has very little to no mucilage removed and is the most complex, laborious, and expensive. This is because it takes the longest time to ferment and takes up space on the drying beds , As described in the "perfect daily grind", darker honeys come across well in espresso, where it almost tastes as if someone added a drop of honey to your cup

  • Medium-dark Roast
  • sweet, heavy bodied, mellow acidity
  • RFA-Rainforest Alliance
  • 1 pound, 16 ounces

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