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Guatemala Geisha Honey Washed Coffee Nueva Granada Farm


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What is a Honey Washed Coffee?

Grown at 4,000 ft. altitude, handpicked, pulped and slowly dried in a special drying facility which it was specifically built for the Laurina coffee to preserve its uniqueness. They call it a unique coffee because it has a different taste than most arabica coffees but again, it is difficult to grow; it is a special coffee and requires proper care.

Simply put, honey washed is a process that coffee that has been depulped but left to dry in its mucilage, the sticky fruit coating that lives just underneath the coffee cherry’s skin, or pulp. Black honeys are the closest to a pulped natural, with wine-like characteristics that might be reminiscent of stewed fruit or prunes, and deep chocolate and nut tones with a heavy body.  It has a low caffeine content, with floral notes and sweet aroma.

Baba has secured this Guatemala Geisha Honey Washed coffee. The Nueva Granada Estate is not only a coffee farm but works hard to help their community !

  • 1 pound, 16 ounces

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