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The Bold Coffee Collection Bundle

$65.52 $72.80

The Bold Coffee Collection is known for its bundle of our popular medium roast coffees! The Bold Coffee Collection offers 4 pounds of coffee in one order! 

  • 1 pound (16 ounces) each bag

Baba's Roast
Sometimes genius arrives not by choice, but by chance. As you may know, we are family owned and Dad (or "Baba" as he is most commonly known as) has invented a blend like no other. By taking three high end estates from around the world, blending the greatness of each, then roasting to medium, Dad created an outstanding coffee. This coffee is low acidity.

Papua New Guinea Coffee:
It is said the seedling of the Papua New Guinea is actually the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and planted in Papua New Guinea. The Purosa Region in Papua New Guinea finds this coffee superb! This coffee is from a small coop of farmers who care about their coffee. We have found this coffee to have distinct chocolate and apricot notes. 

Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee:
As the story goes - in the mid 19th century, inhabitants of the central valley migrated to the southwestern region, known today as Los Santos. This region owes its name to the name of its cantons named after saints, protected by the Pacific basin range, this region is a sanctuary of mystical birds and forests. The cultivation of coffee is fundamental to the socio-economic growth of Los Santos. Along with its beautiful scenery and natural attraction for nature's tropical beauty, Costa Rica provides another wonderful gift. 

Sumatra Mandheling
Sumatra Mandheling is among the world's finest coffees displaying rich flavor, extraordinary full body, and distinctively vibrant and low-key acidity. Wonderfully sturdy, direct, with low acidity, this coffee is characterized by a buttery chocolate aftertaste.