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Bolivia Caranavi Organically Grown Coffee


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The Bolivia Colonial Caranavi coffee is organically grown and Fair Trade, meaning it was purchased from small-holding farmers at a fair or economically sustainable price. 

The cooperative has 15 women farmers who enjoy the same rights and obligations as their male counterparts. They have gender equality within the executive board of directors as well as the oversight committee. The participation of women is vital within the cooperative and are seen as the fundamental pillar within the family home. This group is in the development stages of implementing a Café Femenino Program and will be an important part of the expansion of Café Femenino Bolivia.

The high quality coffee that results from the altitude and the climate here enables them to send their children to school and put food on the table. Porfirio hopes that his children will study agronomy when they get older, so that they will be able to use their knowledge to improve their family's sustainable production.

Cupping notes for this Microlot Coffee

  • Soft, sweet-toned aroma with very pronounced sweet cocoa tones
  • It offers a superb finish: sweet, long and cocoa-laced
  • Mango, stone fruit
  • Medium roast
  • 1 pound, 16 ounces

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