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Our Story

  Four generations strong, Aroma Ridge's passion for creating the perfect cup of coffee inspired us to start our family-owned business. 

Aroma Ridge is all about quality you can taste, offering a wide range of sustainably-sourced coffee beans, including single-origin coffee, organic coffee, gourmet coffee, and more. Each order is roasted and flavored to order, ensuring every bag of coffee is delivered to your door fresh and personalized to your palette.

Aroma Ridge is committed to only using coffee that is good for the planet while supporting and empowering small coffee farmers around the world. Maintaining a true direct trade with global coffee farms allows Aroma Ridge to continue providing a variety of the world's finest coffees to consumers, coffee shops, retailers, and wholesalers. You can feel good about each sip by choosing from a selection of Aroma Ridge's responsibly-sourced coffee beans.

Hand-Selected Beans
Under Roastmaster Baba's watchful eye, each batch of hand-selected, we source only the finest beans from around the world, ensuring that each cup tells a unique story of flavor and origin. Baba and Mama ensure a perfect roast, time and time again, providing an unmistakable brew you will come to crave.

Building Relationships & True Direct Trade
Aroma Ridge understands the importance of maintaining long-lasting partnerships and true traceability with our coffee growers. Aroma Ridge works to create and maintain true direct trade partnerships with global coffee farms that have stood the test of time.

Roasted Fresh & Shipped Same Day
Aroma Ridge roasts and ships your coffee on the same day. Achieving the highest level of freshness means Baba and Mama work to roast every single batch of beans with the utmost care. Doing so ensures a level of flavor consistency and freshness you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Direct Importers of Gourmet Coffee | 100% Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee
As one of the most sought-after coffees, Aroma Ridge is proud to offer completely traceable Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee capable of satisfying even the most demanding connoisseurs, Aroma Ridge's Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee continues to be a best-seller for a reason: True Traceability. As a direct importer and roaster with deep Jamaican roots, our Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee authentic on every level. 

Impeccable Customer Service
Aroma Ridge provides unparalleled customer service by simply adhering to the golden rule: treat others as you'd want to be treated. Doing so ensures the highest-quality customer service possible should your order fail to meet Aroma Ridge's stringent expectations upon arrival.

The Perfect Combo: Coffee & Rum Cakes
Hand-made and glazed, Wicked Jack's Tavern® Rum Cakes provide a memorable holiday (or any day) treat unlike any other. Soaked in true Jamaican rum, each bite of rum cake imparts the rich, buttery, and decadent flavors of vanilla and rum. The unbelievably moist goodness of Wicked Jack’s Tavern rum cakes serves as the perfect dessert option for your next gathering.

The Importance of Giving Back
Through long-standing partnerships with St. Jude Children's Hospital, the Integrity Children's Fund, and local schools and fundraisers, Aroma Ridge continues to stand by their belief in giving back to the community.

 Join us on a journey where every bean tells a story, and every cup is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. 

Thank you for your continued support. Here's to another 30 years! 

 Drink Better Coffee®!