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Wicked Jack's Tavern®Red Velvet Rum Cake


3 reviews

For all the Red Velvet lovers. Wicked Jack's gone red.

Traditionally red velvet cakes are red-layered cakes topped with cream cheese icing. However, Wicked Jack’s Tavern doesn’t always follow traditions. Instead of the cream cheese icing, we opted for a delicious Jamaican Rum Glaze on our Red Velvet Wicked Jack’s Rum Cake, and our fans love it!  Don’t take our word for it, order one today!

Rum lovers and cake lovers will fall for the exquisite, rich, and full taste of Wicked Jack’s Tavern True Jamaican Rum Cakes. Carefully crafted recipes derived from generations of Jamaican tradition has produced a rum cake so flavorful, so powerful, it has quickly gained a reputation as the best tasting rum cake available anywhere. Its moist and buttery texture, paired with a rum soaked glaze, adds a delicious detail that makes all other rum cakes walk the plank.

  • Jamaican Rum Cakes are soaked in the finest Jamaican Rum
  • Hand glazed and Vacuumed packed to ensure that Wicked flavor keeps well.
  • Each cake arrives secured on a plastic plate, fully sealed for premium flavor.
  • Our cakes are shelf stable; refrigerate after opening if anything is left
  • Great for birthdays , hostess gifts, perfect dessert 
  • Ready to serve

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