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Wicked Jack's Tavern® Bourbon Rum Cake


Wicked Jack’s Tavern® is thrilled to announce the arrival of our Bourbon Rum Cake – Could this get more wicked?  Our Bourbon taste-testers gave it a solid two thumbs up!

Legend has it that Ol Gran tweaked the cake recipe from time to time when her rum shipments were delayed. With a direct connection from Kentucky, she was able to acquire some of the best bourbons from that area, which she added to her cakes when needed. One day, she accidentally added more bourbon than rum. The cake was so decadent and flavorful that it was added to the tavern’s menu. As the years go on, we continue Ol Gran’s legacy and bring you the most delicious cakes to your table. Even if you’ve never sailed the seven seas, you can still taste the legendary goodness in every bite of our Wicked Jack’s Tavern True Jamaican Bourbon Rum Cake. [Read more about Wicked Jack's Tavern®]

  • Vanilla flavored, moist, buttery cake is made with true Jamaican Rum and real Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey.
  • 20 oz cake serves 10- Great for birthdays , hostess gifts, perfect dessert 
  • Vacuum-packed to ensure that Wicked flavor keeps well.
  • Each cake arrives secured in a plastic plate
  • Our cakes are shelf stable. Refrigerate after opening if anything is left.

Wicked Jack’s Tavern Bourbon Rum Cake Review by Tami Dunn