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Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee, La Minita Estate


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Hacienda La Minita, is located in the Tarrazú region in central Costa Rica.

La Minita is located about one and a half hours drive south of San Jose, in the coffee producing area called “Los Santos.” This region owes its name to the name of its cantons named after saints, protected by the Pacific basin range, this region is a sanctuary of mystical birds and forests.

The farm produces coffee that is considered by experts to be among the very best in the world, and its reputation for excellence is what drives us in all of our coffee endeavors.

FUN FACT:  La Minita means “the small mine.” Traditionally, local legend has it that pre-Columbian indigenous people came to look for gold on the land that is now the farm.( https://www.laminita.com/farms-mills/hacienda-la-minita)

Thanks to its high altitudes and temperatures, limits the number of insect pests. Insecticides are not used on the farm. La Minita's farm  do not believe in introducing unnecessary chemical influences to the farm, as it is their home and the well being of its plants, animals and people is important.

  • Medium roast with a medium body
  •  Cupping notes:  sweet, clean fruit tones hints of caramelized sugar and chocolate
  • 1 pound, 16 ounces

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