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The Dynamic Duo Coffee Collection

$30.50 $33.90

The Dynamic Duo Coffee Collection is known for its bundle of Mama's Roast and Baba's Roast! 

Sometimes you just need a good ol' cup of great coffee and a great deal. This duo is the fastest and most popular of all our blends.

  • 1 pound (16 ounce) each bag

Baba's Roast Coffee:
Sometimes genius arrives not by choice, but by chance. As you may know, we are family owned and Dad (or "Baba" as he is most commonly known as) has invented a blend like no other. By taking three high end estates from around the world, blending the greatness of each, then roasting to medium, Dad created an outstanding coffee. This coffee is low acidity.

Mama's Roast Coffee
Competition at Aroma Ridge! Baba has his roast, and now Mama has perfected hers. The top secret blend is a bold, sweet combination of 3 estate coffees. Just cupped it and... well, Mama ain't wrong. This coffee is a medium darker roast and boasts a full bodied coffee.